Anazo Abortion Durban

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Anazo Abortion Durban

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The termination  of pregnancy in our abortion clinic   ,its  Safe & pain free, using abortion pills all can help to terminate at  our safe abortion clinic with in hrs mints
 up to 28 weeks,    legal abortion clinics in Durban CALL OR WHATSAPP+27789671730


Safe abortion clinic in Durban , we make sure we give the best  and safest  service to everyone who come to our clinic. we have experienced doctors and nurses in termination service . we best in all women’s clinics in Durbanand all parts of south africa, safe abortion clinic and termination clinics in south Africa
So feel free to contact us on  +27789671730.
we are open everyday of the week, we only have time for people that have decided to abort at our clinic, no one will be given information about your visit to our clinic,  do you need safe abortion in the best termination clinic call us now ABORTION PILLS  FROM 300 RANDS
The Abortion pill  procedure
termination  or abortion happens like the miscarriage within a period 0f minimum 45 minutes

The patients obviously continue to have her normal periods without pain. cleaning is available same time to avoid continue of bleeding discharges of our patients and to make sure the womb is clean and safe no pains at all

most people that have visited our clinic are all happy with our services

  Have you tried to do the termination and failed ? come to our safe abortion clinic in south africa  as we provide different procedures from 1 to 20 weeks pregnancy . all the procedures are safe and affordable to all our patients and done with experience. we a the best in abortion services in south Africa

we also use post services for those need the abortion pill that lives far from our Durban abortion clinic call us in time +27789671730

surgical abortion procedure

The type of surgical termination procedure used is based on the woman’s stage of pregnancy. Before seeking a surgical termination procedure mostly from 15 to 28 weeks, but for us we use pills


FIND US ON : WHATSAPP : +27789671730


Call Us +27789671730

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